The Ultimate Fishing Rod Guide

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The Ultimate Fishing Rod Guide

Today we are going to talk about fishing rods. Having the right fishing rod is necessary. If you are past your beginner’s stage it is recommended that you have more than 2 fishing rods. This is because you might require different rods to catch different kinds of fish.

fishing rods guideNow fishes come in all shapes and sizes, some are big and some are small, some weigh a lot while others weigh less than a basketball. This makes it important for you to choose the right equipment.

If you go fishing for financial purposes you are better off with a plastic rod. They are lightweight, durable, and most importantly cheap. However recent studies show that the plastic might mix with the fish blood and that can severely contaminate the fish.

If you buy plastic rods, ensure that they are good anglers.

Wood rods are the more conventional rods. They lost popularity because they didn’t bend. They were terrible anglers and it was almost impossible to catch heavy fish with those. Even Tuna fish couldn’t be caught with those. But if you are one of those who still prefer the medieval ways you can go for wooden rods. If you make this choice, get a big black rod because even if they serve no major use they are good at satisfying you.

If you are a professional and get into many fishing tournaments you can try fishing rods manufactured by Shimano. We use them at our centre and they work quite well. Shimano is one of the oldest brand and it has bettered its technology over the years.

A good fishing rod has a good thread. You should be able to pull your fish out nicely. You don’t want the fish to bit off the thread and run away.

Your fishing rod should also be responsive. Some fishing rods breakdown after the initial jerk. This is because they don’t have good responsiveness. Rods that are made of different materials usually offer good responsiveness. Having said that responsiveness should not be directly linked to power. The power of a fishing rod decides how much weight it can handle. If you are going to fish for heavier fish it is advisable if you go for powerful fishing rods.

Finally, the next important criterion is stiffness. Stiffness measures the weight or the intensity of jerk which a fishing rod can handle. If you are handling lightweight saltwater fishes you don’t need stiffness to be high. Stiffness has a close relation with flexibility. You want your rod to be flexible.

And yes, you need a good quality cork too. It should have a sufficient grip even when it gets wet. Good rods use good quality corks. If you have good wrists then you should invest in an expensive rod.

So these are the top tips and tricks regarding fishing rods. A word of advice, take good care of your rod. If necessary you can replace the threads and the handle. Happy Fishing!

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