The perfect surf fishing spot

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Surf fishing is slightly different from calm water fishing and requires a slightly different approach. From taking decisions on whether you should cast close to the beach or far from the beach to determining whether you should use braided lines or mono lines, you need to make the right decisions to catch a good amount while surf fishing.

One of the first things that I learned when I started surf fishing was that there is no one perfect spot where you can always fish and catch a good number. This is because beaches never remain the same and tend to change their shape frequently. These changes in the shape of the beach affect the locations where different species of fish would be found in a large number. So, if you want to catch a large amount every time you go surf fishing, you can’t choose the same exact spot to fish every time.

surf fishingI struggled badly when I started surf fishing because I didn’t really take into account the changes to the beach’s shape. So, once I had caught a good amount of fish at a certain location, I kept fishing at the same exact spot the next few times I went surf fishing. This obviously proved a mistake as I wasn’t able to catch a high number regardless of what I tried in these attempts.

After a few failed attempts, I got in touch with one of my best fishing mates who was kind of an expert on surf fishing about what I was doing wrong. I took him with me on surf fishing and told him exactly what was doing. After he had laughed quite a bit at my expense, he told me that I was fishing at the ‘wrong spot’. He told me that my approach to surf fishing was all wrong as I wasn’t doing a reconnaissance of the beach at all before deciding the spot where I should fish.

The thing about the beach is that it looks pretty similar whenever you view it but this is because what we see is the environment above the water. The changes take place beneath the surface of the beach with the action of waves forming the movement of sandbars and the creation of gutters at different points. Identifying these changes can help greatly in picking the perfect spot for surf fishing.

So, it all comes down to how to do a reconnaissance of the beach that would let you get a good idea about the location of holes and gutters along the sea. The best tip in this regard is to use a good pair of Polaroid glasses. These glasses ensure that the reflection of light from the water does not affect your vision. As a result, it becomes easier to notice the changes in watercolor and as a result, you can easily identify the location of gutters, outcrops of weed, etc. This in turn should help you pick the perfect spot for surf fishing.

To summarize, go get yourself a pair of Polaroid glasses and then do a reconnaissance of the beach at least one day before you would go to catch some fish!

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