How to fish Ultimate guide

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How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide

This is the most basic thing in fishing. Obviously, most of us have been taught by our dads or by our uncles. This post is recommended for those who have decided to pick up fishing as a hobby. If you are about to go fishing there are things that you need to know and follow to the core.

So here are the top tips for beginners.

Where can you find the best fishes?

How to fishYou need to find out which is the best place to fish in your town. You must be ready to travel a few miles to find the perfect fishing spot. But what makes the perfect fishing spot? Well for beginners it the best place where you can find maximum fishes. There might be more than one fishing spots in your town, go where you can different kinds of fishes. You might have to do little research about your town.

Your First Catch!

Now most beginners won’t think about which fish they want to catch. They will consider themselves lucky even if they catch something. In a way this is right but you can make a few choices beforehand also. You need to look for fishes which are light, swim near the surface of the water and they are a lot of them in the pond. You can also do some research about the kind of bait that works well for such kinds of fishes. Go prepared to increase your chances.

Dress like a fisherman!

Ok so you don’t want to dress exactly like a fisherman, right? Well, you don’t need to but there are few things which you need. First up get all the accessories. You can head to amazon and buy few accessories. You need a jacket, a box, and fishing shoes. These are must-haves. Rest you can choose according to your preference.

The Bait!

This is probably one of the most important things. We don’t recommend anything cheap as they just don’t work. You also want something that doesn’t go bad easily. You also need to have proper storage kits for your bait.

The Fishing Rod!

You need to take the same rod with which you practiced. Once a fish gets attracted to your bait, you need to be quick and the first time you will panic. To increase your chances take the rod which you have used a lot of times. You can upgrade later but for your first fishing trip, you need to follow this.


This is essentially the most important and necessary step. You need to channel your expectations. Most beginners don’t catch fish their first time. You need a lot of practice. Go to a good training school or at least ensure that you have a good mentor. .

And yes don’t think if you can catch fish on a PlayStation you can do that in real life. That’s a completely different ball game.

So all the best, and enjoy your fishing.

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