Freshwater VS Saltwater

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Freshwater VS Saltwater: Where to go?

This is a highly debated question in the fishing world. A lot of experts argue that salt water is ideal for fishing, there is more of it on planet earth. However, the other side argues that over 40% of species are found in freshwater. So the question remains where should you go?

freshwater vs saltwater fishingWell, we will like to consider this from two different aspects (sides). One if you enjoy fishing and take it more as a hobby or if you are a small scale fisherman. Second, if you are a company and export a lot of fish.

For beginners, freshwater is the best choice. There are many fish there plus fish per cubic metre of water is also quite high. It is easy to catch fish here. If you go on fishing trips then riverfronts can be great choices. You can camp near the riverbanks and these days there a lot of activities you can do. You also meet people which share your interests. If you are training then also freshwater is a great choice. The risks involved are also less. But make sure you have a look at the weather forecast before you go for a fishing trip.

If you are a small fishing firm, you need to focus on quantity. Since most small firms can’t afford big equipment they have to make the most of nets. In freshwater, the volume is almost guaranteed. You can leave the net overnight.

Freshwater fishes are a lot more colourful and lively. But they give up easily. So they are a little easier to catch.

However, if you are a big firm, salt water will be a more feasible choice. You have a lot of areas to work with. You need to go beyond the shore and you can even use few tracking devices. Few advanced boats also come these days which help in fishing. A lot of modern technology can be used to increase the volume of catch. You would also need a big team. Few risks come along with saltwater fishing, so be prepared for that.

We once, went to the sea, without considering the dangers. It was going great at the start but things changed quite fast. One of our crew members was attacked by a shark. It was quite a tough battle. He escaped it eventually but unfortunately lost one of his limbs. We never went to the sea again and citing that experience we never recommend small firms to go to saltwater. If you have to do that, make sure you have all the precautions on board.

If you choose to go fishing in the sea, you need to have good storage facilities on board. Many guides are available in this regard. Also, saltwater fishes, require special care with storage too. Some restaurants buy only freshwater fishes because of that. Saltwater has some rare species of fish, which if caught can bring in a lot of profits. Most experts believe that catching rare fishes has more to do with luck than anything else.

Hope this article helps you to decide which conditions are better for you. Happy Fishing.

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