Fly fishing for bone fish

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All About Bonefish

Fly fishing for bonefish is one of the most exciting gamefish to take on, whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced angler. The reason for this? Bonefish are some of the most elusive fish in the water. Catching them is difficult since they are easily spooked and incredibly fast, which makes a successful catch that much more rewarding. Taking the time to experience the Florida Keys and get a taste for fly fishing is incredibly enjoyable with the sun and the water and a great guide like Captain Brian Helms. He knows everything there is to know about locating and catching premium fish.

Elusive How?

bonefish fly fishingSetting out without a guide who knows what you should be looking for will probably result in a very disappointing day of fishing for ghosts. What makes the bonefish so incredibly elusive? Let’s start with their physical characteristics. Bonefish are slender fish with silvery scales and thin spikey fins; they can blend perfectly into the water and ocean floor when you look at them from above. Bonefish are also incredibly fast. Their bodies are shaped with the aerodynamics of a bullet; they can take off in an instant and jet through the water as fast as 40 MPH! Bonefish are also suspicious fish and are spooked easily. It takes nothing more than dropping a fly in front of their heads to send them zipping off into the water. This means that not only are they difficult to find, but they’re difficult to catch, period. These are some of the many reasons why these fish are called the “gray ghosts”.

Professional Know-How

To catch bonefish, you really need a professional who knows not only how to locate the fish in their favorite eating spots but also how to drop your line and fly in the perfect place to get a bite. The good news is, Capt. Brian Helms is one of the best! He knows where these fish like to feed and will deliver you right to them. Captain Helms will also point out exactly where you should cast to reel in one of these fish that can be as big as 16lbs. With Capt. Helms, the priority is helping you to catch as many as possible for a really fulfilling and fun day of fishing.

In the Florida Keys, the joy of bonefishing in warm waters is available year-round. Whether you’re looking for a winter getaway or a summer vacation, consider fly fishing for bonefish and all the fun to be had in Islamorada!

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