Fishing Tips

flyfishing for bonefish

Fly fishing for bone fish

All About Bonefish Fly fishing for bonefish is one of the most exciting gamefish to take on, whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced angler. The reason for this? Bonefish are ...
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fish bait recipes

Fish bait recipes

If you are fishing for large game fish, cured salmon eggs are the ideal bait. Largemouth bass, muskellunge, salmon, and other large fish species love them. Here’s how to cure ...
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Zen fishing

Zen fishing

Zen Fishing There’s no real secret to great fishing.  You just have to know a good spot, go into it with all the background information you need, have the right ...
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freshwater vs saltwater fishing

Freshwater VS Saltwater

Freshwater VS Saltwater: Where to go? This is a highly debated question in the fishing world. A lot of experts argue that salt water is ideal for fishing, there is ...
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still water

Still Water stratification

Lakes and ponds are subject to great changes throughout the course of a year. Deep lakes can vary as much as 40 f between the surface and the bottom and ...
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How to fish

How to fish Ultimate guide

How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide This is the most basic thing in fishing. Obviously, most of us have been taught by our dads or by our uncles. This post ...
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surf fishing

The perfect surf fishing spot

Surf fishing is slightly different from calm water fishing and requires a slightly different approach. From taking decisions on whether you should cast close to the beach or far from ...
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fly fishing

History of Fly fishing

Many people see fly fishing as the lesser-known brother of traditional fishing methods, but in reality, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that there are around 3.83 million fly ...
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Carp fishing tips

Carp Fishing tips

Helpful Carp Fishing Tips In case you are just starting with carp fishing, helpful carp fishing tips would really assist you in learning at a quicker pace. The art of carp fishing is ...
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