flyfishing for bonefish

Fly fishing for bone fish

All About Bonefish Fly fishing for bonefish is one of the most exciting gamefish to take on, whether you’re an ...
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fish bait recipes

Fish bait recipes

If you are fishing for large game fish, cured salmon eggs are the ideal bait. Largemouth bass, muskellunge, salmon, and ...
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Zen fishing

Zen fishing

Zen Fishing There’s no real secret to great fishing.  You just have to know a good spot, go into it ...
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freshwater vs saltwater fishing

Freshwater VS Saltwater

Freshwater VS Saltwater: Where to go? This is a highly debated question in the fishing world. A lot of experts ...
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fish bait

Different Carp Stains

Wouldn`t you love to catch a lovely, great big common carp? Or do scaley mirrors take your fancy? Or are ...
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still water

Still Water stratification

Lakes and ponds are subject to great changes throughout the course of a year. Deep lakes can vary as much ...
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How to fish

How to fish Ultimate guide

How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide This is the most basic thing in fishing. Obviously, most of us have been ...
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surf fishing

The perfect surf fishing spot

Surf fishing is slightly different from calm water fishing and requires a slightly different approach. From taking decisions on whether ...
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caring for carp

Carp care

It really does amaze me that even today there are still people without the slightest idea how to look after ...
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flyfshing launching leads

Launching Leads

Launching leads-Extreme range carping 5-4-3-2-1 BLAST OFF! The body flexes and, after all your might, the rod surges forward and ...
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fly fishing

History of Fly fishing

Many people see fly fishing as the lesser-known brother of traditional fishing methods, but in reality, the U.S. Fish and ...
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carp fish

Carps and their habits

All about big Carp and their habits 25 top tips. Crafty carp The species of carp most frequently found throughout Britain ...
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carp fishing

Carp fishing When it goes bad

I had all three rods cast in and in position by 6.10am, not bad when you consider that this water ...
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carp fishing good catch

Carp fishing when it comes together

Darkness was fast approaching as I sat on my bed chair watching the darkening water for any signs of fish ...
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carp bite detection

Carp Bite detection

Clear plastic wagglers can often produce extra bites in very clear water. Some top carp matchmen swear by them. They ...
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stalking carp

Stalking carp

Carp are quite gregarious, social creatures, and often shoal up together, but I have noticed on many waters that the ...
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Carp fishing tips

Carp Fishing tips

Helpful Carp Fishing Tips In case you are just starting with carp fishing, helpful carp fishing tips would really assist you in learning ...
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